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Dave Scott - Six Time Ironman World Champion

Learning the freestyle Flip Turn - using a foam needle

Step One Video Link
Step Two Video Link
Step Three Video Link
Step Four Video Link
Step Five Video Link
Five (5) well explained video steps to mastering the pool flip turn.

Take along pool side instructions below -

Step One – Somersault thru noodle held out in front of you – quickly stand back up and repeat (tight turn to get thru noodle) keep noodle above water

Step Two – With Noodle Behind you - somersault at about two feet from wall (using your abs) – push off wall with feet (arms will be in front of you after you push off the wall) Try with two pool buoys behind you - instills feeling of hands floating weightless

Step Three – Hands only – approach wall with arms behind you palms up – do your somersault keeping arms near top of water surface

Step Four – Add a little speed – approach with arms back than pull back (stroke) with one arm than pull back (stroke) with other arm – with both arms back do you somersault (flip/tuck) To stay tightly tucked “look for your knees”, nose to knees- knees tight to chest

Step Five – Turning to side to return to back up swim position.
When you push off wall, plant your feet at 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock and push off - feet position will start your turn to the side. Keep in your tuck and stay on your back before you turn fully to your side to allow you to push off in the streamline position – stretch out streamline and than fully complete the turn

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