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Product Review - "Century Riding Cream" by Sportique

   ViF was introduced to Century Riding Cream, a friction reducing cream, through triathlete coach and former pro triathlete Todd Parker of
TP2 Training Programs.
Hearing such a high recommendation
of a product prompted ViF to test it out for ourselves.

   The product was tested through several rides with temperates in the 90's and high humidity, a true test of a chamois cream. In addition it was triathlon race tested, to test how it would hold up through the swim and all three legs of the event.

  If you have been going back and forth trying to find just the right tri shorts or saddle to address the skin irritation issues of a long ride in the saddle,
in our opinion this product might just be your answer.

 The product performed outstanding and the product and customer service
receives a "5 out of 5 Star ViF rating"!
While it may run a couple bucks more than your discount cycling shop chamois cream
($19.95 per 6oz. flip top tube) the product's performance makes it worth every penny!

   ViF review note - with the smaller amount per application needed ,
end use cost might even be less than the bargain brands.
   ViF review tip - order several tubes or buddy up with a training partner
to order several tubes to offset the shipping cost.


   "This balanced blend of botanicals helps your skin repair itself after damage, but more importantly prevents long term friction irritations before they start. Long lasting, moisture resistent friction reducing cream induced with antifungal and antimicrobial ozone. Compatible with natural and polypropylene fibers of sport clothing, natural and synthetic riding shorts, chamois, and neoprene wetsuits."

SPORTIQUE: The Best Sports Creams for Endurance Athletes.

To order or see all SPORTIQUE's "Active Body and Skin Care" products visit www.sportique.net

1 comment:

  1. Brian,

    Thank you for your review of Sportique's Century Riding Cream; your comments are "spot on". I am approached by numerous companies throughout the spectrum of products that we need to use; however, I only ever associate myself with those of quality for one, that I've proven they work for two, and lastly, that the company treats its customers with courtesy and respect. Sportique is definitely a company that meets all of the criterion with each of their products. I'm glad you have found the products effective and are sharing your new found secret with others! Take care my Friend, and Train Smart.

    Coach Todd Parker