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"The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are."
John Burroughs


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"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
Lou Holtz - College Coach Great

"If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won the race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just to finish the race - it's up to you"
Dave Scott - Six Time Ironman World Champion

Monday Motivation - GOTRIbal "empowering women through the journey of endurance sports"

Beginner or World Ironman Champion, everyone's journey starts with taking that first single step.

"GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports"

Chrissie Wellington - World Ironman Champion 2007, 2008, 2009, Times Sportswoman of the Year, and irondistance world record holder

   "I am so proud and excited to be involved in the development of GOTRIbal.
Four years ago I was asked whether I would ever do an Ironman. My response? ‘No way, you must be completely mad to do something like that!’ Imagine if I had never gone back on my word, if I hadn’t changed
‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, if hadn’t dared to push myself harder, and most importantly what if I hadn’t had people to support, encourage, mentor and most of all make me believe in ME?

   I never ever thought I would be able to run a half marathon, and once I finished my first in 2002 I realised it wasn’t such a big hurdle after all. I never thought I could kayak over 40miles, but again, once I had done it, the insurmountable dream became a reality. And I never ever thought I would be crowned World Ironman Champion, but in 2007 and 2008, I achieved more than I ever thought possible.

   We all have our own personal barriers, be they mental or physical. We are all nervous about trying new things and giving ourselves bigger mountains to climb. We all worry about the ‘what if’s’ and, of course, we are all scared about being seen in public wearing lycra…

   But in reality there are no limits to what you can achieve, in sport and outside. Only the limits you place on yourself. So whether it is a walk, a 5km run or an Ironman, if you have faith in yourself and a support network around you, those colossal mountains can truly feel like mole hills once you have scaled them.

   But we cannot do it alone. And that is why I am so proud and excited to be involved in the development of GOTribal – a global movement which aims to encourage and help people around the world, particularly women, raise their own bar that little bit higher - providing them with a cocoon of support in which they can grow, flourish and become the athletes that they never thought they could be. And like a snowball the ‘pay it forward’ support process will roll around the world, growing and building as it gathers energy and momentum: building bridges, breaking down barriers, inspiring confidence, encouraging participation and enabling people to realise their dreams. No matter who they are.
GOTRIbal will help you change ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ – good luck!"

                                                                   Chrissie Wellington

Thanks out to Brenda Cochran
for sharing her journey with IronMakeover
and paying the gift forward!

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